Optima Claims Management Services believes in a proactive, strong, defense-minded approach to the resolution of claims.

We believe in developing strong relationships with the CHI members and our defense counsel partners, to enhance a strong, team approach in the resolution or defense of reported claims. We also believe that the best defense/claims results come through working with attorneys who are the best, as demonstrated by their experience and success, and who are right for the specific case. We believe that working with Optima Claims Management Services to assign the right or best defense attorney to a particular case will result in more successful outcomes.

Department Structure

Claims Management Services is structured with the Senior Vice President of Claims overseeing the claims operation. The Claims Specialists/Senior Claims Specialists are assigned specific CHI member accounts and they are responsible for the management of the claims caseloads derived from those assigned accounts. The Administrative Assistants assist the Claims Specialists and Senior Vice President of Claims in various administrative duties, which support the caseload and department management.